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Combining multiple parts in a single file allowed?2020-04-16T10:57:56+12:00

Please avoid saving multiple parts in a single file, doing so might result in inaccurate pricing and a revised quote may be required.

What is the minimum wall thickness allowed?2020-04-16T11:01:51+12:00

In general we wouldn’t recommend anything lesser than 1mm (parts smaller than 10cm), 2 mm (parts  between 10 cm to 20 cm), 3mm (parts larger than 20 cm). You can head over to respective materials pages to understand more information on designing for 3D Printing.

What is the maximum file size allowed?2020-04-16T11:23:20+12:00

The maximum file size allowed on our Online 3D Printing platform is 60mb. For any larger file size, please send them to zelta3d.wetransfer.com. In most cases, a correctly exported file should fall under 60mb.

Even the finest 3D Printing Process can only capture down to 0.01mm, so exporting your files in resolution any higher than that will not help with improving the end result.

What are the file types allowed?2020-04-16T11:23:57+12:00

Our Online 3D Printing platform can take in the most popular file format such as STL, STEP or OBJ which can be easily exported in most CAD Software. For any other file format you can send in your request to zelta3d.wetransfer.com

Low Resolution STL Files2020-04-16T11:24:37+12:00

Try increasing the tolerance, mesh resolution, triangulation before exporting into STL.  0.01mm min resolution is recommended. If you faced any issues send us through zelta3d.wetransfer.com with your original CAD format, our team will be able to assist you with that.

Difference between Detailed Plastic and High Detailed Plastic2020-10-07T03:03:27+13:00

These two material options are the same material, the only difference is that Detailed Plastic is produced at 0.1mm layer resolution, while High Detailed Plastic is produced at 0.05mm layer resolution. For the best production results, opt for our High Detailed Plastic.

What should I do if the Online Quote Platform is not working?2020-04-16T11:25:25+12:00

Send us your files at zelta3d.wetransfer.com and let us know your requirements, we will get back to you within 1 business day.

Where are we located?2020-04-16T11:26:19+12:00

ZELTA3D is based and founded in sunny island Singapore. Our aim is to always make Industrial Manufacturing technologies accessible through providing a value for money on demand manufacturing services around the world.

Do you ship worldwide?2020-09-17T08:06:16+12:00

Yes we do! And very quickly in most cases, as we only use the best courier such as Fedex and DHL. Select Express Delivery option during checkout and they should reach you in 1-3 days in most cases.

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